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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Acne problem

Do any of you here have this problem? Well, I do when I arrived here last year. I don’t know how true this is but most of the Filipinas who are now here in US experienced this also when they first arrived here. According to them that it’s because of the climate specially when its winter. I arrived here September last year almost end of summer and when the weather starts to change from summer to fall, my face changed too. Ngek! I don’t know why but yeah, I had pimples and later on I had acne from my face to my back and chest which bothers me a lot coz it’s so painful and acne doesn’t have a place in my face when I was in the Philippines. December last year was so bad. I can’t sleep well coz my acne hurts. I used to pricking my pimples back when I was in the Philippines and I did the same thing last year with my acne. Nothing happened with my pricking, it only became worst.

How I solved the problem? Dermatologist is the only answer for sure. So that’s what I did and hubby supports me for that since it’s not a simple pimple but an illness already. The Dermatologist asked me if I exercise a lot which surprised me coz I’m too lazy to exercise so I said no. Then he said that the acne came from sweating. He told me not to wear so many layers of clothes and I was like “Ahhhh, I didn’t know that.” I admit I wear layers of clothes coz I’m not used to the cold weather. But that’s not all. Of course prescription drugs have a big part of curing my acne. First anti-biotic twice a day plus a pledget or pad that has medicine in it to wipe the affected area also twice a day then a facial wash twice a day also. Hmm Because of my acne I now have a daily ritual. I have to go back again and again to the Dermatologist coz he wants to make sure if it’s working or not and he changes the prescription depending on how my skin reacts to the medicine prescribed. It takes time but it works and not cheap but worth it. Now I’m acne free. Thank God! Hehe

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