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Monday, November 26, 2007


It’s one thing that also bothers me coz of the fact that it’s itchy. Not only that, it is also shameful when others see it falling from your hair and fell into your clothes. I experienced this dandruff thing also last year when the weather starts to become colder. It’s not that bad as what I heard to others dandruff problems. Mine was I think mild. According to my cousin’s husband who lives here in US for years and years already that dandruff occur when the weather is cold. Why? Because we like to take a hot shower and that hot water can make our scalp dry which makes our scalp producing flakes or dandruff. He has a point on that so I agree without thinking. Haha Then my cousin suggests buying a dandruff shampoo which I did hoping that it will work for me. I use it once every week. In my observation, maybe it works but I didn’t use it for long coz my Dermatologist prescribed me a shampoo that can also help cure my acne. The instruction is to use it every other day and use my regular shampoo every other day also. I follow the instruction and voila! It works! Until now I’m still using it and the good thing is I don’t need to go to my Dermatologist to get the shampoo coz the pharmacy sells it. Those who want to know the name of the shampoo that I use for dandruff, just let me know. Not sure if it's okay to publicly tell everybody about the name of it. Ngek Ikiha unya ko. hahaha


batang buotan said...

i'm glad (?) to know that there's also dandruff there! hahaha.. just kidding! of course im not glad about that.

Michelle said...

hehe kaw jud! bisan asa tugdong ang kaspa oi, abot gud merika. walang patawad jud noh? haha

Lerlyn said...

Hi michelle!ok ra oi na mag post kag product name..ako mu-post man kog brand name..but ang akong gi-post kay ng ganahan ko and all positive about the product akong gina mention.if naa ko product na dili nako ganahan kay wala sad nako gina blog.

Michelle said...

ahhhh ok, abi nako di pwede kay sa Derma baya to gi prescribe. Anyway, thanks for the info. Talawan lagi bah. hehe