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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving day!

A day to be thankful of everything that we have, had and will have.hehe One thing that I am most thankful for is my MARRIAGE and the FREEDOM I have now that I am here in US.

Today is a special day of course with the Turkey that hubby and I cooked together. We helped each other when it comes to this since this is not a Philippine tradition to have the Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, pearl onions, cranberry sauce and etc. One thing that I added for today’s event is my “minatamis banana”. I don’t know what’s the English term for that but it’s a Philippine banana with brown sugar for dessert. It’s yummy for me but hubby said that it’s kinda strong for a white man. He said that a bite of it is okay but not a whole banana.haha I guess its an acquired taste same as the cranberry sauce and the pearl onion which I don’t bother to eat. I tried eating it but its too strong for me. Oh well, different culture with different taste “buds” I guess.hehe

Anyways, this day is not only preparing for the thanksgiving for me but also practicing driving at the freeway. Hubby wants me to drive further which I’m worried about coz learning to drive at the freeway by myself means more stores and malls to shop around. Well, that’s part of life. I wish I won’t be tempted to go to the malls once I pass by there. That’s kinda hard.huhuhu

Wish you guys had a memorable thanksgiving. Take care!


Lerlyn said...

happy thanksgiving there! hows the driving lesson?take care alway, gwapa raba ka.
about blogging, kaya mo na everyday promise..for 90days kaya na bisag 1per day..if naa gani ka day na wala ka naka post pwede mo na balikan in the next day,kay pwede man nimo ma edit ang date,naa sa option sa ilalom sa "compose msg" then i-change ra ang date sa date na wala nimo na post na blog.Enjoy!kung naa ka pangutana lain,ask lang kay basin matubag nako,char hehe!murag tinood ko na blogger nu?hehe!lingaw2x ra ni ron akoa,pero inig maka buylo basin mag cge nalang ko ani tutuk sa screen.hehe!

Michelle said...

mao jud, ang importante nga malingaw.hehe