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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not enough time ...

It's Wednesday now at 12:38 am but here i am still awake and doing something else, specifically experimenting this new blog of mine. Hmm Interneting really takes a lot of time. I can sit here for hours and hours in front of the computer and forgetting the things I list down or plan to do. Unbelievable! But it's true. I'm pretty sure that you all agree with me. I think I wanna try again tomorrow to explore more about blogging stuff. I want my blog to look like a real blog. But when? I don't know. And how? We'll see. I think I'll ask help from those who are expert in this.hahaha It's time to ask more questions after questions.hehe


Lerlyn said...

ing-ana sad ko sauna gurl, hehe!pero na tun-an ra gihapon..kay mag cge man ko ask sauna sa ubang blogger..sos daghan kaau ko pangutana tapos tubag man nila tanan,kaya its time na ako nasad mag tubag..hehe!!sis sa post gud nimo, if naa ka link na i-add, just type the "word" u want and highlight it, then click mo ng icon na kadena,tapad ata na sa B,I, then type mo ang link didto then ang "word" maging clickable na cia, no need the complete http:// thing on ur post, d na makita.try mo enjoy ,hehe!

Michelle said...

nah kini sad ako na sad ni nahimo. hehe daghan na jud kag natudlo nako dah. salamat jud kaayo.