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Monday, November 19, 2007

Trying to be a blogger...

Just sign in today and wanna try this one if it works for me to entertain myself aside from surfing the net or watching pinoy soap operas online.hehe It seems that those who have blogs have a lot in common, they talk anything of what's in their mind. It's like talking to yourself but writing it here and letting others read what's in your thoughts. We'll see if I can do this forever, maybe only for a few days.hahaha But I hope I can do this forever and who knows earn something from talking about anything that pops up in my mind. charing!


Lerlyn said...

hello! Thanks for dropping by to my blog!! keep Blogging my friend..if you have questions about setting up, don't hesitate to willing to help. butang ka ug chatbox pra maka leave kog msg ug ang uban pa!

Michelle said...