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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Art of Loving

It’s been a while when I read on the internet about the Art of Loving. It is a website that tells you what relationships and love is all about. Others might disagree with the authors there but this website helped me understand what love and relationships are, the difference with the love and infatuation and etc. I guess most young people in the new generation today didn’t know exactly what they really feel so they make the wrong decision in life and then regret later when it’s too late already. This website also is good for those who are having problems coz you can read letters from other readers who have bigger problems than yours which make you feel better after reading their stories. You can also read the respond of the author of how to deal with their problems.

I found this website from an individual that I don’t know well enough. We chatted in YM once and then we talked about something interesting and before he sign out he told me about this website and said that I might like it which I really did. I want to share this to everybody hoping that this website can also help them someday. Enjoy reading and learning about life. Have a joyous christmas!


stev & emz said...

Hi Michelle! thnx for sharing this... =)

Michelle said...

You're welcome dear! Wish you a more loving relationship. Take care!

batang buotan said...

if loving is an art, could it also be a science?

Michelle said...

batang buotan, i think the art of loving has a science influence in it. not sure though but i think it is.