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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feeling better...

Good morning USA, good evening Philippines! Thank God I feel better now. I took half of the little plastic glass of the night time cold/flu relief last night before going to Walmart and I felt the effect right away. I felt sleepy, light headed and the menthol flavor went down from my throat to my chest which feels good to me. When I was in Walmart with hubby, I feel tired and drowsy already so we buy our groceries in a hurry coz I want to go home to rest. I took another half of the little plastic glass so I can really fall asleep easily. When I woke up, I felt I am okay maybe because I had enough sleep last night. I still have a sore throat but not as bad compared to my sore throat in the past. So now I’m still going to work and hoping that I’m okay the whole day. Anyway, we’ll see what will happen. Thanks for reading! Take care!

2 comments: said...

ako naman kalintura :-(

Michelle said...

ano ba yang kalintura, di kasi familiar sa akin ang word eh. di ba yan "bangkuliya" in bisaya? hehe para kasing magka tunog silang dalawa. haha