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Friday, December 21, 2007

Forgot Hubby's Fish Day!

Today I went to work, had lunch there. I received a gift from work and a hug from our assistant manager before I left. I suppose to deliver the gifts for my friends and their kids today coz one of them will travel to visit the in-laws for Christmas but I’m stuck here in front of the computer uploading photos and which the result is the one in my sidebar. It took me time to finish it. I was sitting here as soon as I arrive home instead of watching Rachael Ray and Oprah. I called hubby at work and ask him of what time he comes home so I can prepare the food before he arrives. I didn’t remember that today is hubby’s fish day coz it’s Friday. Haha I forgot to buy fish so I told hubby that I don’t have a fish for his dinner then he reminds me that I have a tuna so I just said okay. I cooked rice as always and hubby thought I cooked the tuna with pasta but what I thought is I can just open the can and that’s it… dinner. Toink! When I checked the cans I have there’s no tuna available as what hubby and I thought. There are sardines and salmon so I grabbed the salmon in a can coz hubby don’t like sardines and decided to make it as an omelet. I added mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese so it becomes a little melty. Hehe Good thing hubby was ok with it, or else he’ll go hungry and go out to buy food. Hahaha It’s a bit cold outside and I don’t feel like going out anymore. The cold weather made me too lazy to go out. Thanks for reading guys, hope you like the new template I use now.

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