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Friday, December 28, 2007

Relieved after accomplishing some tasks

Today is also hubby’s day off which I forgot. Toink! I told him yesterday that I want to visit my Filipina friend today after work which means I can’t cook dinner and he said it’s okay if that’s what I want to do. When I arrive home this afternoon, hubby’s car was outside so I was wondering if he came home early. Then I remember that he doesn’t need to go to work today. Haha I told him that I forgot his day off today and he laugh. He asked me if I’m going to visit my friend and I said yes. Then he asked me if he can go out and watch a movie and I said “sure, you can”. It turned out that he just stay at home and work on the computer than going out. I cooked rice for dinner and a soup “monggos” for me. Hehe After dinner hubby decided to go out to get more of his pills for his throat. While he was gone I hurriedly do some chores. I wash our clothes and dry them, clean the kitchen floor, vacuum, arrange some stuff in the living room and wash the dishes. I’m glad to finish some of my tasks but tomorrow will be another busy day. We’re going to have a late Christmas Party at one of my friend’s house and I was planning to cook pork bbq and beef steak but now I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to cook for that. I have work tomorrow and cooking both recipes takes hours to finish. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll cook if I feel like cooking but if not then I guess I better go with something else not the pork bbq and beef steak. I don’t want the food I cook would taste nasty coz that what others say that what you feel will reflect on the food that you cook. I don’t know if you heard that before or you believe in that but I think its true coz when I’m not in the mood to cook and I force myself to cook then the result is not good. Oh well, got to go now. Need to wake up early tomorrow so I won’t be late for work. Advance Happy New Year!!!

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