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Friday, December 7, 2007

It’s Friday! Ladies Night Again! Weeeee

Ladies night is what we call when my girl friends and I go out without the kids and our husbands. We normally start with a dinner in Asian restaurant since it’s close to the Philippine taste and the Restaurant that we like to go to is a Chinese Buffet. There we eat the foods that sometimes we crave like the crab, shrimps, barbeque and etc. coz our husbands don’t eat the food with us which is kind of boring coz in the Philippines we used to eat our meal with family members, relatives or friends having fun eating and talking. After dinner we sometimes go shopping until the store close, usually at 10:00 pm then transfer to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and go home at 11:00 pm or earlier, depends if one wants to go home early or not. I never thought that today we have a ladies night. I just know from my Pinay co-worker which is also my friend that we might go out tonight. I was thinking that it will be postponed coz I didn’t receive any calls yesterday confirming about it. Anyway, we decided to call our friends and see if they want to go out and everybody said yes, they want to go out if we will go out. I then called hubby so he can plan also his evening. He then told me “Okay, have fun!” Hehe

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