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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just want to share this...

I was late today in going to work because I forgot that yesterday was a Holy Day of obligation which means I suppose to go to church yesterday but hubby also forgot about it. I was surprise when I arrived home last night that hubby is getting ready to bed. It’s past 11:00 pm only and hubby usually sleep late every Friday (playing with the computer) coz he don’t need to worry to getting up early since he don’t work on Saturdays. Then he told me that we have to get up early the next day coz we’re going to church for the Holy Day of obligation and masses will be at 7:30 am or 9:00 am. I chose the 7:30 coz I have to work at 9:00, no other choice but to get up early. I was thinking on my way home last night to check my blog, post something about the ladies night and watch soap opera but I don’t have enough time to do all that. I sleep at 12 midnight and woke up at 5:30 am (the lamp alarm woke me up). Hubby and I arrive at the church on time. It was raining outside when the mass finished and there we saw the marathon event today which made the street busy. I saw men and women, black and white individuals who participates the event. When I was on my way to work, the marathon still continues outside where we live. One lane is closed for the marathon runners and the police guiding the traffic. I suppose to turn right on the next signal light but the police car was beside me so I just go straight and didn’t bother to change lane. After a few blocks away I saw some rescue team group and next to them was something that catches my attention. I saw a woman with her 2 children holding the banner with the size of the table runner saying “Go Daddy Go!” The words they wrote touched my heart; I can’t get it out of my head while driving and even when I arrive at work and at home. It’s so nice to see a family supporting their love ones coz I know that not all families get the same support like what this family did to each other. I just wish that the individual that they are cheering made it to the finish line.


Norm said...

Love holds the family together. Hi Michelle! thanks for sharing and for the visit too... Merry Christmas....

Michelle said...

Advance Merry Christmas Norm! And thank you for visiting my blog also. Yeah, the support of that family to each other really impressed me. hehe