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Monday, December 10, 2007

Lessons I learned from shopping

We all know that women really loves to go shopping whether we want to buy something or just want to go out and look of what’s new in the stores. But is there a time where you regret after you finish shopping or after a few days, weeks or months of shopping? Well, I did and I now learned my lesson from that. At first when I arrived here last year, I don’t want to go shopping much because I get tired of going from store to store looking for my size. Besides, I am calculating the price from $$$ to pesos which is a Philippine money. I’m surprised of how expensive the prices are in here. But then hubby told me that I have to get use to that coz whether I like it or not, the price here won’t change. Hmm After a few months of staying here, I learn to accept it though I’m still converting $$$ into peso. Because of converting the price, I end up buying the cheaper stuff not thinking if it’s a good quality or not. I sometimes go to the stores also with no list or idea of what to buy coz I just want to go out and practice driving while hubby is at work. But every time I go to the store I come home bringing something. Though I bought cheaper stuff but I also have expensive ones especially when hubby is with me coz he encourage me to buy a good quality one and doesn’t mind about the price, as long as I am going to use it then that’s okay. Later on I realized that the cheaper one I bought doesn’t look good anymore when I first bought it unlike the expensive ones. Now some of the things I bought turn out to be a waste coz I am not comfortable using them anymore or I bought the things I got because I like or want to have it but I don’t really need it. Now I am very careful in buying stuff coz I don’t want to regret later on for buying the one that I don’t really need.

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