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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No plan to sleep

Yeah, I don’t know what time I’m going to sleep tonight coz it’s already 2:10 AM and I’m still here in front of the computer. I ask hubby of what time he plan to go to sleep but he just turned on the desk top which means he will be stuck in the computer too. Haha I’m excited to open my gifts tomorrow morning or this morning. Hehe Hubby has a mystery gift for me. Opps! I forgot to write the card for hubby. I better go now so I can put it under the Christmas tree. Good timing, he’s busy reading articles on the net. Bwahahaha


JOEMADEL said...

Michelle ayaw kalimte pagclick sa akong banner sa smorty og ppp ha para makacommision ko..kong mo apply ka don ka click sa ako ha yaw jud kalimte hehehhe..thanks maayong pasko nimo diha..sana masaya ka.

Michelle said...

haha okidok. just remind me lang kung hapit nako mag 3 months, mga Feb. 19 pa tali. ngek layo pa man diay. haha