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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What a Day!

It’s my day off today but I didn’t do much at home as what I thought I would. I woke up late this morning at 10:00 am since I don’t need to go to work but hubby set an appointment at 1:00 pm for my car’s dealer for a yearly check up to make it sure that everything is okay with my car. We leave home without eating anything at past 12:00 pm so we won’t be late for the appointment. When I was on the car getting ready to drive, I remember that the car needs more fuel so hubby looked at it if it’s okay to go to the car dealer without going to the gas station but it’s so low already so we went to Fuel City and fill it up. Fuel City also has wine and champagne and hubby asked if they have a sparkling wine that is not strong or no alcohol then the Indian owner show us of which one has low alcohol. Hubby just told him that we’ll come back later and not planning to buy right away, just asking about what he can suggest. The clock is ticking and we still have an appointment to go to. I then hurriedly went to the car and drive while hubby beside me is instructing me where to turn and which lane to go. The road was busy coz it’s the time where employees go out for lunch while others are going back to work. We arrived at the car dealer just in time for our appointment. The person who talked to us said that it might take an hour and 15 minutes for the car to be ready so hubby and I decided to eat lunch when the car is ready. I went to Hobby Lobby while hubby went to Best Buy just to look what they have and the prices too. I end up buying a set of 12 scissors for scrap booking, a set of corks for left over wine or champagne and a Christmas card for hubby. When I called hubby he’s already at the car dealer’s office waiting so I went there and wait. It’s already 2:30 and the car is still not ready. Grrrrr At 3:00 pm the car is already outside clean and ready to go. We went to the Indian Restaurant where hubby’s Indian co-worker suggest that we try to eat there coz it’s a good one but when we arrive there it’s already close and will open for dinner at 5:30 pm. Toink! We then decided to go to Royal Buffet (Chinese restaurant) but hubby remembers that his Indian co-worker told him also that there’s a Thai Restaurant which is also good so instead of going to Royal Buffet, we went to the Thai place. Too bad, the Thai Restaurant closes at 2:00 pm and opens for dinner at 4:30 pm. We can’t wait for that so we end up going to Royal Buffet which is good coz they had a king crab legs which taste good than other king crab legs that I tried in the past. It’s already 4:00 pm when we had our brunch. After eating I decided to go to the grocery store to buy more vegetables for hubby’s lunch tomorrow at work but hubby wanted to drop by at the house first before going to the store coz he’s expecting a package from FedEx which delivers the clippers to cut my hair (his new toy.hehe). When we arrive home hubby checked the front door but there’s no notice that there’s a package arrived today. We then drop by at the office where the packages should be if the owner is not in the house to receive it but then there’s no package for us. We then went to the grocery store, bought stuff that is not in my list like the wine with the alcohol removed and instead of going home, hubby decided to go back to the Fuel City store and buy the sparkling wine which the owner suggest. When we arrive home I saw a box at the back door where we park our car. It’s a FedEx package and yeah, it’s the clipper. Ha-ha I cooked the vegetables, wash dishes, make a cantaloupe salad and now in front of the computer watching the soap opera Pangarap na Bituin. What a long day huh!


***FYRNZ*** said...

you like Pangarap na Bituin din?

i got thrilled na.. its gonna end tonight..

Michelle said...

Yeah! Actually I watch it lately lang when the grandmother from Canada went to search for the jewel sisters coz I was in my friend's house who have a TFC channel and when I saw that episode I was like "hmm parang ok to panoorin". so yon, pinanood ko na araw2.hahaha I watch ysabella lang talaga kasi parang interesting yong story nila, pero ngayon, pati PNB pinanood ko na rin. hehe ganda ng story noh, kakainis din.

***FYRNZ*** said...

yeah i watched it lang nung nalaman ko na paend na sya.. hehehehhe.. cause i like to watch primetime pag paend na.. and one week after nagstart ang telenovela.. weird no.. heheh.. ending na maya ang PNB

Michelle said...

ahhh ok, di ko talaga palalampasin ang ending. na papraning na nga ako dito, kung wala sa telebisyon yong PNB or Ysabella eh punta ako sa youtube baka sakali na andun na.haha di na makapaghintay. cge, ingat ka dyan sis. antay na lang tayo sa ending.