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Monday, April 21, 2008

Are your loved ones far away from you?

Most of us I guess have loved ones from different states, cities or even countries. For some, communication is very important but there are others also who doesn’t care to communicate much. One reason is it’s very expensive. I think all of you are nodding because you know what I’m saying. I am far from my family and friends and calling them on the phone is kind of expensive. I tried calling them thru cheap phone cards which I bought at the Asian Market but the line is not so clear or if it is, the minutes that was said in the card is not true. Hubby was mad every time I told him that the my conversation with my sister suddenly cut off after talking 30 minutes and it was written in the card that it’s good for 60 minutes. So where’s the other 30 minutes? Gone! Now I used my cell phone when I call my family and friends to Philippines which is more expensive but clear. Though I wanted to talk and talk for more but I have to stop because it’s too expensive for me. Good thing I found a website that offers cheap phone cards link. They sell prepaid phone cards that are cheaper than other phone companies offers. They have phone cards for international destinations like Asia, Middle East and Europe. And you can choose what phone card is best for you. Hmm Sounds good to me. haha

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