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Friday, April 25, 2008

I need RICE!

Most of the Filipinos eat rice everyday and every meal. I am one of them but the first 3 months when I arrive here in US, I rarely eat rice. I can only eat rice if the restaurant that hubby and I went to offered rice pilaf which I don't like. I like the steamed rice better but even if they have steamed rice, the food that paired with the rice doesn't match. Until hubby and I found the store that sells veggies and other foods that are also available in the Philippines, I started to eat rice again when I cook something that I am familiar with... filipino foods. And lately, I eat rice everyday which made me sad and panic when hubby told me that San Francisco area is low on jasmine, basmati and long grain rice. There are different stories from different reporters but the thought of running out of rice is not good. So I asked hubby to get a sack of rice which is 50 lbs. at the asian market coz i saw it when i went there yesterday but the store is already close when we arrived. We'll try going there again tomorrow. I hope that there's some left for me and the price is still affordable. It is possible that the stores would make the price of the rice go up and up and up to make more profit because people are willing to buy them but if that's the case, I don't want to play the game. I better eat sweet potato, potato, pasta and bread. They are all carbohydrates and a good replacement for the rice. I'm just anticipating here so if it happens, I won't be disappointed coz I already have a plan of what's the good replacement for rice.


jenn_US said...

yeah tehres rice shortage back in PI right now too. i just hope this wont get worse. i cant live without rice, hehehe!

Michelle said...

Yeah, heard of the news about rice shortage here and there. But I think if worst comes to worst, we can find a solution and can live with not eating rice everyday anymore. Like pasta and garlic bread are a good match which doesn't need rice, then steak and potato (mashed or baked) and sweet potato with humba, lechon and sweet potato, bihon and bread are a good match too. But when it comes to filipino foods like fried fish, fish stew, adobo, dried fish and dried squid, I need rice for those. :)