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Monday, April 28, 2008

Some good things never last

Every couple wish and promised that their love for each other is forever. Others got married once, twice or 3 times from different places and churches just to prove their love for each other is genuine. But to some, that's not always the result after living together for a couple of years or even a decade. We all heard it from the news or know stories from somebody we know that their marriage didn't work even if the couples have kids or grown up sons and daughters. It's kinda frustrating though coz we all want to hear or see a couple who still care for each other and are together til they grow old. I'm happy and glad to see older couples who still hold their hands when they're together. I wish that all couples are like that. Even those whom I had a relationship with, be it a friend, admirer or ex-bf. Everybody deserves to be happy but you have to be careful for choosing the right one or you'll face the consequences for not doing your job. I felt sad for those who are in relationship, thought of getting married and then separate. I knew somebody who told me that they'll soon get married and already plan for the big day but now I noticed, the guy is not at the girls friendster list anymore, no picture of the guy or them together in the girl's photos which made me think and ask "They broke up?" Oh well, whatever our wishes will be, we are still the one making the decision and not others. I hope both of them are happy of their decision and move on.


Mummy Sheng said...

indeed, it's true.

everybody loves a happy ending, but sometimes thinks just don't work out right.


texas_sweetie said...

lagi sa.i agree with what you wrote here.mag unsa ang kadaghan magpakasal or engrandeng kasalan if in the end mag buwag lang..useless lang.

hope u have a nice day there michelle

Michelle said...

mummy sheng and texas_sweetie: yeah, it's sad to hear that other couples give up for each other after one made a little mistake or others just want to focus on ME, ME, ME and not thinking of what the other person feels. sayang lang ang gastos ng kasal, time, effort and the happy moments that couples shared together. but we can't do anything about it except for showing others how we love our partner and care for them. maybe others would do the same. it's nice to see sweet old couples around. they inspire me to do the same. thanks for the comments lovely ladies. :)