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Monday, May 19, 2008

Balikbayan Box Stress

I thought sending a balikbayan box to Philippines is easy. You just buy something that you want to put inside the box and that's it. But the truth is it's not that easy. Of course you don't want to shop in just one day to fill the box up coz if you do then you'll be "bankrupt" as what another Pinay said when we went to Victoria's Secret store at the mall to buy something for our balikbayan box. One thing that I noticed also is I can't sleep well of thinking what else to put inside so I can send the box already. Of course I get tired of looking at the box in the living room waiting to be picked up and not full yet. Sending a balikbayan box is not cheap so I want to make sure that I use all the space inside. A friend of mine told me not to close the box yet coz I might want to put some more in there so the box stay open until it's time for pick up. Oh boy, the balikbayan box gave me stress in my pocket plus not getting enough sleep. After the pick up, hubby and I were happy that we can see the space in the living room again. (morag naibtan ug tunok) haha We sent one last week and there's one more to go. I really didn't plan to send two boxes this year coz I don't want to shop anymore for sending. But something happened. The first box is a little expensive but after I got the first box, a friend of mine said that there's another Pinay who sell boxes for a cheaper price plus there's a small box free. I took advantage of the promo coz I want to separate the stuff for business and for my family so the two boxes are more practical for sending. Now the first box is giving me a headache. I keep on thinking of what to send but I don't want to shop anymore. Hubby suggests of telling the truth that I had a good deal with someone else. I don't want the other Pinay to feel bad that there's somebody selling boxes cheaper than her so now I have to suffer. hehe Oh well, I just hope I can send this one soon.


Butchay said...

hala ka girl, pwede mag pa apil ko para ma puno nang box? hehehehe!!! bitaw?

Michelle said...

nyahaha pwede pero adto nimo kuhaon ang imong bahin sa Leyte. ok ra? hehe