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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dessert of the day... DQ!

DQ ice cream is what we got for dessert today. It wasn't planned actually but hubby's watching the news while I'm blogging and he watch some business news where one of the richest man in the world had a speech and talked about companies that he owned. One of them is DQ and hubby remembered that I want to try DQ's ice cream so he asked me if I wanna go. Of course I said yes... so here they are. :)


Florence said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


Michelle said...

Hi Florence! Sure we can x-link. :) I'll visit your site soon. :)


chelle pang share sa imong DQ b heheheh tagaan pod tka leche flan hahahhaa btaw oi tnx sa bisita sa akng blog...bag o pko sugod aning blogging ba :)

Michelle said...

haha, maayo na mag exchange ta. sagdi lang, malingaw ra unya ka ug sige blog. :)

Florence said...

Hi Michelle, na linked na kita. Just add me tomorrow nalang.

jenn_US said...

wow kalami oi. i have a weakness for stuff liek this. have a ncie day mich!

Michelle said...

florence: thanks for adding me. i will add you now. :)

jenn_us: haha lami jud basta ice cream. :)