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Monday, May 19, 2008

Drink Milk Everyday

That's what my Aunt told me. She said "Michelle, you have to drink milk everyday to protect your bones". I am not that old yet but I can feel some pains in my spinal cord. I sometimes massage it myself and noticed that it's kind of swollen. So I thought that I need to drink milk because according to Dr. OZ also at the Oprah show that milk can also help us put to sleep. Hmm That sounds interesting! Though I know and heard of it many times but I don't like to drink milk because of the taste. I like to drink soda than water and no milk or juice whatsoever. haha After hearing the good points again why we should drink milk everyday, I started buying milk for me and not for cooking. hehe I forced myself to drink the milk before I go to bed and if I still have time in the morning, I drink a little too before going to work. After a while, I learn to like it. There was one time that I was at work and thirsty. My co-worker asked me if I want to get some drinks but I said "NO" because my taste buds was looking for my milk. As soon as I arrived home, I grabbed my milk in the fridge and drink one glass until my taste buds are satisfied. Man, that taste sooo good! I now appreciate the taste of it! I noticed that when I drink milk before going to bed, I can sleep well and had lots of dreams. My body pain becomes lesser unlike before. Now milk made me feel good. :)


JeFf & NoVa said...

hahaha.. thanks for these post michelle, you know i usually drink milk when i'm about to sleep at night.. pero murag na-addict ko sa caffaine ba... pero i'll make sure nga i will drink milk instead of coffee...

i have also heard that and seen advertisement about drinking milk everyday that would give a great help for us women, to pervent OSTIO...[not sure of the spelling]

Ilocana said...

This comment is not 4 the"milk" post.... I just found out that my blog title is somewhat similar to one of your fellow blogger. Only, it's the reverse. Mine is My world, my Life; hers is My Life,my world...Gee I don't want to be called "manggagaya".. So I'm thinking of another title again, he,he.

Michelle said...

jeff & nova: you're welcome! it's true that milk can prevent the osteoporosis. but if you really don't like to drink milk, you can take vitamins to prevent it. :)

ilocana: well, you can change your header any time. good luck! :)