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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Egg roll? or Lumpia Shanghai?

I love egg roll and lumpia shanghai. I haven't tried making one yet so I am experimenting of making it which turns out okay. I was in a hurry in making them coz hubby will soon arrive from work and dinner should be ready when he's here. Though I had a recipe at the back of the wrapper box but I just imagined of what's inside of it coz I don't have time anymore to glance and follow the recipe. I know that I didn't fold it right because it's not tight. I made a few big ones coz I want to finish wrapping right away. haha Too lazy to wrap it. Anyway, here are the photos of the result.

This is my first try. It was okay but not great. :)

And this is the second try. It turns out great and yummy! :)


Nancy said...

Passing here! this is my most favorite roll..miss it na..

Michelle said...

Thanks Nancy! Yeah, that's the reason why I tried making this so I can eat when I crave for it. :)

kerslyn said...

hi sis! wow..that looks delicious. ako, bahala na pangit pagka-wrap basta lumpia..go, go go!

Michelle said...

haha bitaw, ang importante nga lami. hehe