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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Falling Hair Everyday...

Everyday my hair falls everywhere in the house. The picture below is my hair at the powder room where I always comb my hair every morning before going to work. And that's just in the morning. I just hope and wish that I won't become bald someday if this falling hair continues to fall everyday.


Mummy Sheng said...

they say that's normal, like about a thousand hair falls off from your head everyday. kinda a scary figure, isn't it? my sister tyn has hair on every corner of the house!

laura said...

ganyan din ako che sb nga ng hubby ko para daw akong puppy pero sb naman normal lang daw yan in every hrs daw nga 40 pcs of hair falling minsan natatakot din ako kc ayaw ko rin makalbo hehehe anyway happy tuesday.

Sweetiepie said...

same thing to me Che, sometimes hubby is complaining about my hair is everywhere. I really don`t know why it does that.

Michelle said...

mummy sheng, laura, sweetiepie: thanks for the comment. what i know in the past is that 100 falling hair everyday is normal but of course i don't bother counting them. hehe hubby told me that i'm like his cat when he was a kid shedding his hair around their house. i wonder if this has something to do with shampoo or conditioner that i used. anyway, what i know is that the hair that we lost will be replaced by a new one so it's okay. maybe i'll start to worry if my scalp is obvious already. :)