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Friday, May 30, 2008

I love Chinese Buffet!

I had dinner with my Pinay friends tonight and we always eat dinner at Chinese Buffet because we love sea foods. We had dinner at the new opened Chinese Buffet here which has Japanese, American and Chinese foods. You can see in the picture how I overload my plate with sea foods, a little veggies and rice. After that, I took another plate for the king crab legs. haha Then we headed to Ross store to see of what's new. After window shopping at Ross, we went to Barnes & Noble to have some coffee at Starbucks and went home before 11:00 PM. haha I'm just happy that hubby had a good time also while I was with my friends. He had his ice cream at his new friend Bruster (the ice cream store) and had a tuna sandwich for his dinner from Subway. I felt a big relief knowing that he's okay while I was with my friends. He was actually happy that I went out with the girls. Why? Because he said that he doesn't need to take me to the Chinese Buffet anymore. haha Aside from that, he told me that it's okay to go out once a week. So now I won't feel guilty anymore if I go out with my friends. Woot! Woot!

My plate overloaded with seafoods... hehe

King crab legs for my dessert. haha


Anonymous said...

yum yum yum!!! gimme some gimme some please. hihih =)

Michelle said...

hahaha come and we'll eat some. -_^