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Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Friday! Ladies Night again!

Our ladies night out was successful. We had dinner at a Chinese Buffet restaurant then went to Ross to shop for sale items. hehe Here we are again, shopping which we women love to do. haha After Ross we went to Barnes and Noble to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We went home at 10:30 PM before the bookstore close and had fun taking some photos at the parking lot before we headed home. Thanks Amy for the dinner and Jane for the coffee and brownies. I had fun going out with these lovely ladies. Looking forward for the next ladies night. :)
Here we are... ^_^


Ilocana said...

It was endeed a success! Til we got home and found Herbie asleep while sitting down on the couch, the kids were still up and hubby sort of irritated.. Well, you will read more on my next post. Anyway, thanks again guys, especially you Michelle, for being there and for giving me some tips..he,he. Guapa dyud ating pictures (:-)

Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to read your next post. You're very much welcome! :)

Tahn said...

Nice blog :)

Michelle said...

tahn: thanks!