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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is full of Gratitude

Thanks for those who tagged me this. I can't trace anymore who they are but I'm sure you know who you are.

Life is indeed full of gratitude. Here's what I'm grateful for.

God: For the graces and blessing that He gave me and for giving me the chance to experience life on earth.

Parents: For bringing me into this world. To my step-father who were there to support me when I need it.

Older sister: She thinks for my safety before her. For the good laugh and good times I spent with her.

Cousin and best friend in US: For being there when I need help. She cheers me up when I was down and help me to be strong when I was so weak. She's sort of my second mom coz she treats me like her own child and at the same time a best friend. She molds me into a better person.

Cousin in Pinas: She taught me how to be independent. She woke me up to see the reality in life about money that no one can save you but you.

Siblings: For the good times.

Husband: For the unconditional love, respect, care, and support that he showed me. For spoiling me sometimes and appreciating the things I did.

Best friend in Dubai: For always there and ready to listen when I need someone to talk to. For understanding and supporting me in all that I do.

My ladies night group friends: For their time and patience when I was new here. They didn't stop inviting me to be part in the group even if I'm just the listener. haha I had fun every time we have a ladies night out. Looking forward for the next one. Naks! -_^

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