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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Dream Cell Phone

I’ve been using my LG LX350 cell phone since I arrived here in US in the year 2006. Though it works okay, I am now eyeing on a new one. What I like about my phone is it has an internet connection which allows me to surf, chat and check the weather while I’m on the go. But the problem is the screen. It is too small and I can’t see the whole page of my email when I checked it and difficult for me to work on my blog when I’m travelling because I can only see parts of it and not the whole page. I like the Samsung Sprint Instinct phone because it has a big screen and has a lot of features that I was looking for. I know, this one is expensive but I can get it for free. Yes, I found a website where I can get this one free and free of shipping. Problem solved and wish granted! A smart way of getting a new cell phone is by visiting the blog where you can read about the good stuff when it comes to free cell phones or whatever cell phones you have in mind. There are free phone offers and cell phones on sale which I’m sure you’ll be glad you read this. They offer family phone plans so you and your family can save more and live better.

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