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Friday, May 16, 2008

This is Me today

I grab this tag from blog gurl. Thanks girl! :)

This is ME today:

1. Enjoy – I had a good laugh with my girl friends, chit chatting, cooking and eating.
2. Sad - after talking to my cousin's problem about her family in the Philippines.
3. Sleepy – because it's time sleep but i'm still here. hehe
4. Lucky - to get 1 offer from ppp after dinner.
5. Happy – to have a very understanding hubby. -_^
6. Confused - of what else to put in the package to Philippines.


bl☺g gürl said...

hi, michelle. Sure! no problem! :-) thanks for the visit anyway. i will add u in my blog ha?

limferdi said...

I see that you had a wonderful day today, mixed emotions hehehe. anyway thanks for the exchange links, good day.

Michelle said...

blog gurl: thanks again girl! :)

limferdi: yeah, true! mixed emotions in just one day. hehe