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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An unexpected phone calls

When I was ready to work on the offer that I grabbed this afternoon, I received a call from a friend. She just asked me if I have nothing to do this Friday night coz she's planning to have a dinner at the restaurant that I and my friends haven't been to. Hopefully, if my friends are free to go this Friday then we can try this new restaurant. After a few minutes, my cell phone was ringing. A person close to me who also lives here was the one calling me. She has a problem which she thought I can help. I normally just listen to her problems but this time listening to her won't help. I need to do something and that something is big. I never imagined to solve a problem like this big but this person helped me a lot when I need help in the past. I know and I'm pretty sure that she won't turn her back on me if I need her help too. I talked to hubby right away who's still working because even though it's not my own problem but it bothers me and I want him to know so he can help me solve it. Hubby is a good listener and has good ideas in solving problems. He always makes me calm down and helps me understand the advantage and disadvantages of the possible choices that I'm going to make or choose. Thank God, problem solved with hubby's help. Now I can sleep tight. :)

This is what I feel when we solved the problem. It feels really good! :)

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