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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's for dinner tonight dear?

I cooked something for hubby and I cooked something for me too. :)

Hubby's baked chicken with green beans and carrots.

My fish stew with okra and horseradish.

And of course, fried fish to match with the fish stew. Wow! I was able to eat a lot of rice! Opps!


Em said...

eh that fish looks good.. i eat lots of rice too if i have fried fish or bulad :)

Bestfriend's blog said...

wow,i love fish hehehhee san ka sa US? thanks for visiting my paged.

God bless u

Michelle said...

em: yeah, fish made me eat lots of rice too especially if there's soup. :)

bestfriend's blog: you're welcome!

bb_anne said...

fishy? love i'm starving...^^


Wow Yummy ang food. Love fish and rice too.I always eat this here in spain.

Michelle said...

bb_anne: haha you better go fishing and cook the fish that you'll catch. :)

bernadeth: good for you dear. i was looking for this kind of fish for a year before i got it. :)