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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When it's safe to type the SSN on the net?

This is a question for those who want to do paid blogging but afraid of the identity theft. We already heard about scam on the net and others who didn't know of which site is safe and not safe to give their personal information were ripped off after a few minutes of typing their personal information on the net.

The answer is:

Make sure that the url address starts with https: and not http: The safe url address has the letter s. It's as simple as that. Yes, it's only one small letter but it's very important. Scammers are waiting around the corner for you to make just one mistake to steal your identity or get your money. So if you're not careful, you'll end up nothing.

About PayPal Scammers:
Scammers made their own PayPal website that looks the same as the original PayPal website. They normally email you and ask personal information that they can use in the future. Then they provide you with a link which is their website that looks like a real PayPal website. Don't ever click that link! If you want to check your PayPal account and see if there's something wrong with it then type the word yourself. As soon as you hit enter, you can see that the url address changed into Now you see the https: which tells you that it is safe. If you are familiar with online banking then you'll notice also that the url address starts with https: when you log in. Therefore always check the url address before you give your personal information.

Paid blogging:
This also applies to the paid blogging thing. I don't know if others notice it but aside from smorty and ppp, there are other websites where you can apply to earn while you blog. Sounds familiar? Honestly, I applied to some of them but I didn't continue working with them. Why? Because they want me to type my SSN for future payment but their website is not secure. Though there are other websites that ask your PayPal email address only (which is okay if you're living outside USA), but I don't want to deal with the problems in the future when it's time to pay for taxes. That's a lot of headache.

To avoid being scammed, check the url address first before you type your SSN. Protect yourself and enjoy blogging. -_^


Rose said...

thanks for this information...this entry of yours is really helpful to everyone.

Michelle said...

you're welcome! that's my purpose. helping those who are afraid to do paid blogging because of scammers because blogging can really help those who are stay at home moms. :)