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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloggers and Blogging...

Again, I sleep late at night though I tried to sleep early. It seems that sleeping late becomes a habit. Maybe some if not all of you have the same kind of problem but I think that's what bloggers are experiencing. There are times that my blog is the one controlling me and now I want to be in control again. I know that it's my fault if I let my blog run my life coz that's not how it is supposed to be. Maybe I just need to re-program my mind of which one is important and what should I prioritize. I miss my kitchen and I want to do some more cooking. Then I want to start reading the magazines and books that I bought but haven't opened yet because of blogging. And one more thing on the list is to be healthy so I plan to try exercising at the Fitness Center again. Don't know though when to start and how to divide my time for all these plans.

As you can see, blogging really takes a lot of time. Aside from updating your blog everyday you also have to blog hop. But blog hopping takes a lot of time too because if you like the title of other bloggers post then you'll be stuck in their page reading the whole story and more story that catches your attention. That's what I do so I ended up sleeping late. I can't imagine how other bloggers made it if they have more than two blogs. They might have a secret of how they blog hop and update all their blogs. That's kinda hard. But one thing I noticed is that most of them don't visit my blog right away for days, weeks and some months. I guess they don't really have that much time to visit other blogs anymore. (Just a thought) Now I'm enjoying having time for myself and hubby before blogging. It feels so good when you're in control of your life again and won't be crazy about blog hopping or blogging. The next thing on the list is cleaning my blog links.


Mummy Sheng said...

you're absolutely right! blog hopping do eat a lot of time! it takes me about 3 hours to finish my visits! and if i ended up reading, it will take a lot longer!

i don't know how those super people can maintain more than one blog!

Michelle said...

Yeah, those who have more than two blogs might have a secret. hehe

Lynn said...

Korek ka jan! For a while i got so hooked with blogging that i end up having a headache from staying in front of the pc for so long.

I actually have more than two blogs but i never get to blog hop as much as i am supposed to. Busy life, sometimes, tamad pud jud ko. Hehe.

Michelle said...

nah mao jud na mahitabo basta more than 1 ang blog. haha usahay gusto ko mopahuway nga di nako i-on ang computer kay matintal jud ko ug blog. unsaon na lang. :)