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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy again...

Sorry guys if I haven't visiting your blogs lately, I'm busy arranging the house again, grocery shopping and of course shopping for me coz hubby want me to. haha I'm just thankful that tomorrow is my day off, I can continue cleaning and arranging the house and according to the weather report, tomorrow is a little cold so I think it's the best day to clean my car. I still have a lot of things to do aside from blog hopping so I want to apologize for those who add me already that I didn't add yet. But as soon as I'm finish with all the chores that needs to be done, I will surely have the time to visit and add your blog. Thanks for visiting here and good night! :)

Busy Bee


Plokmaster said...

me too.. very busy... got no time for blogging... hehehehe

Ilocana said...

Hmm busy eh?..Will you have time for ladies nignt out?? :)

Michelle said...

plokmaster: haha yeah, almost no time for blogging but i still want to post something everyday. it's just so hard to blog hop everyday when you have other things that needs to be done. oh well, that's life. :)

ilocana: haha i think i still have time for the ladies night. just give me a call so i can plan ahead... a few hours before we go out. hahaha