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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hells Kitchen Game

Have you seen the Hells Kitchen on TV? Well, hubby and I watch it but not always coz we forgot what channel and time this show be played. Now we realized it's every Tuesday. I started to love watching it and think how hard it is to be a chef. Not easy huh! I guess it's hard for the contestants to work in the kitchen specially when Chef Ramsay yells at them and tells them his signature word "idiot". Now I'm downloading the game coz I wanna try playing with it. Hmm I hope the game can help me do my job in the kitchen when I'm cooking. haha And if you're interested to play with it too then click here.


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Mummy Sheng said...

hello! thanks for the comment and suggestion! thank your hubby for me too! yeah, i noticed that boys tend to get bored faster than girls. kaiden got blocks and lego but he's done playing with it. we went out this afternoon but i can't find any interesting toys.

sana matapos na lahat ng mga medications mo para you can have a baby na. i can see how good parents you'll be! your hubby seems to be so kind!

thanks for always!