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Friday, June 13, 2008

Identity and Fraud Protection Online

Shopping online is as easy as 1, 2, 3 but we have to be extra careful in protecting our identity while we shop online or we will be the next victim of identity theft or fraud that happens by shopping online. We must be careful when it comes to giving away our personal information. I guess you heard a lot of stories about scammers anywhere and online shoppers are not an exception. Now there’s a new technology that protects you against identity theft and that is Shop Shield. It is a new consumer service that offers a complete protection against identity theft and fraud when you shop online. This is completely free service, new and unique that will protect your identity when you shop online. Shop Shield protects your credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address and login information. Shop Shield is 100 % Security Guaranteed and currently conducting a live beta test to sign-up consumers for usability testing. The benefits to users is that they will never worry about hackers and insiders gaining access to customer databases stealing personal information because this information is never entered into the databases of websites they are shopping. Consumer data is stored in a fortress of security systems. All personally identifiable information is broken into undecipherable fragments, and then encrypted. Every transaction is monitored and recorded using technologies that exceed even federal banking standards. Visit Shop Shield® and Learn More
on how to protect your identity from scammers online.

Sponsored by Shop Shield®

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