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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My New Blog

Got a new blog yesterday. The title is "Life here and there". I hope this time I'll be able to manage two blogs now coz if not then I'll DELETE it again. haha Anyway, if you are interested to see or read more of my non-sense topics then visit my blog and enjoy reading. hehe If you like it then leave me a message if you want to x-link. Just be patient if I can't add you right away but I'll try to add you as soon as I have enough time. :)


Lerlyn said...

hehe ayaw kabalaka mag visit ko anang ikaduha mo na blog chelle aron d nimo i-delete.tong akoang 2nd blog wa naatiman kay lisod i-navigate ang Brave..akoa to i-close ug balhin ko sa blogger ulit.

about Cbox,oo mao ila sulti mao ang uban walay Cbox..kung walay cbox,dapat naay personal post, kay way ayo sad comment sa sponsored post oi hehe.nakabasa pud kog article na maoy sulti,pang add ur rank daw ang mga comment.

Michelle said...

aw syalan ba diay nga waman gamit ang cbox. nah, di na lang diay ko ani mag cbox sa usa kay kapoy baya blog hop. haha aw mag cbox lang usa ko ron unya ug di na jud makaya, aw deleton ang cbox. salamat daan sa pagbisita sa akong new blog. :)

Rose said...

was here Mich...nice hearing from you again!

Michelle said...

rose: thanks again rose for dropping by here. it's always nice to hear from my fellow bloggers. :)

Ilocana said...

Wow, my mentor got another blog! Love the choco setting. Its like you, sweet and simply irresistable. Kanta ata yon a, ha,ha,ha. Anyway, have fun as always but make sure you'll still have room for our ladies nite-out. You would'nt want to miss all those seafood,would you?.He,he,he..

Michelle said...

ilocana: of course i don't wanna miss the ladies nite-out or our seafoods diet. there's always room for that. bloggers will understand if i can't blog hop for a day or two for feeding my tummy with seafoods. haha