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Monday, June 23, 2008



1. Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it or you can affix to it. Caps lock your birth month (ex: MAYday! JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUST pocus, parched MARCH…). Be unique.
2.Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag’s title in your case.
3.Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you get 7.
4.Whatever is the sum, write a list of the MATERIAL gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number 3), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.
5.After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the Bloggers’ Birthday Directory, with a link to your blog/s. Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronological (January, February… 1, 2, 3)
6.Pass this tag meme by tagging as many people as you want.

My wish list:
1. A successful marriage that will last forever.
2. A house that hubby and I will really love.
3. Good health for me, hubby and my family.
4. Good income for doing what I love.
5. A baby.
6. Visit Hawaii.
7. Visit Philippines.

Bloggers’ Birthday Directory:
February 18 - Nancy February 20 - Caryl February 23 - Jammy March 7 - Mari March 28 - Jaja,Nicotine's World of Fun, March 28 - Pangit's Journey In The States, April 13 - TERE May 3 - Vannie May 8 - joanjoyce May 27 – Zang Caesar August 27 - Francine, La Place de Cherie, Cherie September 1 - Lynn, September 2 - Chikai September 30 - Mckhoii December 18 - JoshuaOngYS December 19 - Alpha October 2- Hailey March 28-Sharz October 25 Michelle

Here's my result:
Name: Michelle
Birthday : October 25
Calculations: 7
Thank you Sharz for tagging me this. I really had fun! :-)
I would like to tag the following people to do the same: Bregie, Ellaine, Twerlyn, Ilocana, Laura, Sweetiepie and Gigi.


Scotty's Princess said...

Uy, thanks for this chelle. Pareha diay ta, October sad ko...


vicy said...

Hello visiting again here!!I just finished changing my layout and i am nominated for new customize layout..Please do vote for my Janeth Vicy's Life Journey..Thank you and God Bless!!

Just click here!!

Michelle said...

You're welcome! I see, pareha diay ta October Lover. haha

Vicy: Thanks for the visit. I'll visit your blog later. :)