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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Starbucks or Michelle's Blended Ice Drink?

This is what the guy made at Starbucks while I and my friends went there to have a cup of coffee. I like coffee especially iced coffee with hazelnut flavor but when I saw the Starbucks guy making this cool refreshing drink, I thought of making my own. It looks easy though and fast so I think of making it someday once I have the ingredients. Good thing that I found these 2 blended ice coffee mix and frozen hot chocolate for hubby because he doesn't drink coffee. Hubby and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond looking for the immersion blender which he prefer for me to use in making those blended ice coffee because the blender is too big to make 1 or 2 drinks. Hubby didn't find what he was looking for but I did. hehe I found the chef's condiment dispenser that the guy at Starbucks used for the toppings and bought the spray whipping cream that the guy in Starbucks used. I don't know of what brand he's using but I bought the one that was available in the store. I'll show you the finish product of my blended ice coffee or blended ice choco if I have the time to make it. ^_^


laura said...

wow good for you chelle cguro michelle blended ice drink pipiliin ko kc im sure free yan hehehe joke lang.

Michelle said...

haha sure yan, free kaya lang ang layo mo. matutunaw na ang ice pag ipadala ko sayo. :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mitch...

Gawan mo ko ng kape. Pampagising para mabantayan ku yung mga ungas na gustong magnakaw ng sasakyan namin kagabi. Hay...


Michelle said...

May magnanakaw dyan kagabi? Maglagay kaya kayo ng security camera para sa labas or alarm sa garage para pag may pumasok malaman nyo kaagad. Kasi baka makatulog ka sa kape ko. hehe