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Friday, June 20, 2008

When parents are busy...

I don't have kids yet but my friends here have kids. We sometimes have a gathering so I meet their kids and observed how they act while the parents are busy. These photos were taken during one of our gathering at my friend's house. Amy was making lumpia and I was the in-charge of the food processor for chopping the veggies and shrimp. My friend's little ones were busy doing something else also while the mom was busy socializing. I'm observing the kids of what they do while the parents are busy doing something else and I found these cute so I took a picture of them. This little boy is my God-son who enjoyed playing the stuff in the kitchen. I guess this little strainer is a good replacement for his teether. hehe

This little girl was throwing stuff into the garbage. I don't know what she was thinking, maybe she's trying to help in cleaning the area so she has more room to run around. haha

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