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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucky for Hubby

This week during my Dental appointment, my Dentist asked me about hubby's wisdom tooth infection if it was removed already. I said not yet but he's scheduled for the surgery the next day after my appointment. My Dentist said "Man, he's lucky" because he thought that hubby got a very serious problem and if hubby's infection won't be taken cared of right away then hubby might be at the emergency hospital for some reason.

Yesterday a caucasian neighbor said Hi to me when I arrived from work. He said something which I didn't understand so I went to his direction and asked again of what he said. He asked me about polishing car which I don't know why he asked and then he asked me where I work, how hubby and I met and if I'm Chinese. I said I'm not Chinese but a Filipino from Philippines and I told him that I met hubby thru my cousin who is hubby's friend. Then he said "He's lucky, isn't he?" I said yes coz that's what hubby told me.

Today while I was on my way to the Chinese Buffet Restaurant to meet my Pinay friends for our Friday ladies night out, hubby almost had an accident. He said that he's on his way home and somebody made a left turn in front of him at an intersection requiring him to stop hard and fast to avoid hitting the other vehicle by a few inches. Another individual waiting to make a right turn was staring thru his mirror with his mouth open in shock of what he just witnessed. Hubby's really lucky. Hope he will always be lucky.

Enjoy the weekend! ^_^


Mummy Sheng said...

yeah, must be a lucky day for your dear hubby! hope he continue to feel better.

btw, got a tag for you! here's the link . . .

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

enjoy ur weekend!

Lynn said...

Glad your hubby is safe, Mich. He's one such lucky guy.

Anyways, yes Mich, been a widow for 2 years now...unfortunately. But i do believe everything happens for a reason and i have quite moved on.

Kaya nga sabi ko...sana someday, i'll say that phrase na rin ..."Honey,i'm home!". (",)

Katelove's said...

First, Thanks for the comments sis mich, i really appreciate it! hehehe, i start to jog again a little bit, but i can't do it that much since it's not advisable for my health. How was your dinner with your friends?

Btaw ai, sometimes kaning mag drive ka, extra careful jud, even though na careful ka, u have to watch other drivers jud kay sometimes sila ang reason na ma-accident ka. But i'm glad to know na your hubby was able to avoid it. He's really lucky. By the way, not be nosey and if u don't mind me asking, how long u have been married na diay sis? u mention na wla pa mo baby, wla pmo plan to have one? hehehe, sensya na ha, daghan kaayo ko ask sa. Cge sis, Happy weekend! and take care.

Michelle said...

Yeah, hubby is such a lucky man. Wish he'll always be. :)