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Monday, July 28, 2008

My implant, done!

At last, my dental appointments regarding my tooth implant and crown for my other tooth that had the root canal are now finished. My next appointment will be the regular cleaning which will be next year February. Woohoo! This is a relief for me! I've been coming back and forth to my Dentist this year since January. I had to call for emergency twice because the implant becomes loose and fell. From now on I'm not going to worry about it anymore except if there's some swelling of my gums which I hope won't happen (fingers crossed).


Avee said...

horray is it painful to have implant? sakit kasi root canal pa lang

ღ Pinaymama ღ said...

good for you mich!!! anyway, please
vote for my son JOSHUA at Vhiel's Corner everyday!! Thanks a lot!!!!

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Lynn said...

Glad to know about your implant, Mich.

If you're preggy, then that's a blessing diba. Pangimbita dayon sa shower party. Lol.

Ok na tong akong na discover. It was an error ra jud diay so happy na ko. Hehe.

Lynn said...

ana jud. wait lang unya ko sa imo announcement, Mich. (",)

Carol said...

the implants sound painful!!! glad everything's okay.

briggs said...

Congrats Chelle! God bless!

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

God is good, all the time!

Mummy SHENG said...

good on you girl!

btw, i've got something for you!

Gie said...

i bet that's expensive. I do my tooth crown in the Philippines, more less than here in U.S. Happy blogging by the way.

Pangit said...

Yey! Congrats mitch! :)

JeFf & NoVa said...

this means for a celebration day...wooo hooo.. wla nay problemahon , it reminds me of my whine here when i got probs with my tooth.. karon so far okay na intawon..

i miss your messages dear, saon kay naga keep in track ko aning naga message nko so, usahay mabaslan ra nko tong naga leave message sa akong payag

i do hope nga okay ra ka diri..

ako so far, okay man, nice ang family sa akong bana sa akoa, they are all sweet, nya busy busihan pud sa akong immigration requirements and other documents, kabalo ka aning mga pasikot-sikot ani ...

Michelle said...

avee: so far my root canal and implant were not painful coz they gave me lots of anesthesia so i didn't feel anything at all during the process. i only feel a little pain after when the anesthesia was gone but they also gave me a prescription drug, the pain reliever. :)

pinaymama: sure, i'll vote for your son. :)

lynn: you're right, a baby is a blessing even if it's not planned. nah naa paka diri apil jud ka sa shower party kung naa man gani. hehe

carol: that's what i thought also in the past. but it's not really painful. :)

briggs: you're welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

hey congrats on a succesful operation! we inquired about that here, but in japan its not covered by health insurance and costs an arm and a leg to have it done ;-(

Michelle said...

mica: it's so true! :)

mummy sheng: thanks! i'll visit you soon to grab the award. thanks a lot! :)

gie: yes, true. but hubby is more comfortable of doing my dental problems here so if there are problems, i don't need to travel thousands of miles. :)

pangit: thanks girl! :)

jeff & nova: same here nov. kung kinsa ra sad tong nag leave ug message mao ra sad akong ma bisita maayo gani kay nakakita ko sa imong message sa uban blog mao akong gi click. hehe

gandarynako: same here. dental is private pay but health insurance will pay just a little bit for exams or x-rays. i don't know if flexible savings account is available there. you can save more if you apply for FSA. :)

chubskulit-rose said...

hello, visiting you here..

Ilocana said...

Yohooo! That means more chinese foods ,ha,ha,ha.

Glad to hear it's done...

Michelle said...

yeah, i now have a complete teeth to chew chinese foods. haha