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Friday, August 8, 2008

Freebies and some update...

I got these freebies at the OBGYN's clinic. They are so nice for giving me lots of samples that really works great on my health. The vitamins really made me feel great everyday as if I'm not pregnant. The dizziness, nausea and cramps suddenly becomes lesser after I started taking the vitamins. But this morning I didn't take my vitamin because they're going to draw some blood on me. They didn't tell me to fast but hubby said that his Doctor told him to fast if they draw blood on him for some tests so I just drink water. The practitioner repeated the exam. again and after that a woman draw blood on me filling 2 empty blood collection tubes and 2 blood collection tubes that has a little bit of something inside. They told me not to lift 20 lbs or more, not to eat salty foods to avoid high blood, not to eat sweets to avoid diabetes, no smoking, drinking or illegal drugs, eat veggies and fruits, eat little portions only but frequently, drink lots of water and juices, eat cream of wheat if I need some iron and so on. The practitioner said that I'm so tiny and they want to see me a little bigger. Well, for me not yet. I don't wanna gain weight too soon. I don't think it's good for me and the baby. :)

We didn't stay at the OB's clinic for so long coz I was the first patient. We only spent an hour and 50 minutes and went out for brunch. We ordered the breakfast menu and the one I got are mostly oily. It seems that the foods I ate wants to come out and until now I still feel so full. There are days that I easily go hungry almost every hour but not today. It's almost 6 hrs now since I had my breakfast and here I am, feeling like I just ate a whole plate of food. I don't know if I can make it to the Chinese Buffet tonight with my friends for our ladies night out. We'll see what I feel later.

Anyways, after eating breakfast hubby and I went to Wal-Mart to buy a whole tilapia fish and squash for my fish stew. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart didn't have what I need so I decided to come back next time. Hubby continued looking around while I looked at the cribs, strollers, car seats, bouncers and high chairs. When we're at the counter I felt weak as if I'm looking for a fresh air again. I told hubby to go home after paying what we got. When we arrived home I took my vitamin and lie down on the couch then took a nap. Now I'm confused of what to shop for the baby coz my friend told me that I don't need to buy a bouncer coz she already have one sitting at their garage. Another friend said that she has a base or something for the car, car seat that she no longer use and other stuff. Then my co-worker asked for my home address and email address yesterday coz she said that she'll send me some good freebies. It seems that there are lots of hand-me-down stuff and clothes from my Filipina friends that they keep just in case one of our friends gets pregnant again. I guess I just have to wait. It's too early to buy stuff for the baby plus the baby didn't start kicking yet.

Happy Weekend! ^_^


Ella said...

hi mich! how are you? :)

Lynn said...

Yes, Mich, i think it's too early to buy stuff for the baby. Saka na pag kabalo na ka sa iya gender. Ilang months na ba tummy mo?

Mummy SHENG said...

being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world! you get to be pampered a lot! lalo na siguro if you're at home in the philippines! you can eat whatever you want! hahaha!

btw, you told me before that you were on yasmin. how long did you stop before you got pregnant?

Noemi "Mica" Watson said... not get overwhelmed and buying baby stuff..wait until u decide to have a baby shower,lol.

Michelle said...

ella: im fine girl. :)

lynn: according to the practitioner I'm 8 weeks pregnant but hubby and I think that I'm 6 weeks pregnant. maybe we'll know the exact calculation if they'll do the ultrasound (i think).

mummy sheng: i think i stopped taking yasmin last March so it's 3 to 4 months.

mica: yeah, i have to wait for the baby shower if there's any. hehe

laura said...

hehehe excited man ang mommy tsaka nalang nga if alam u na gender madali lang naman bumili.

Michelle said...

yeah, inisip mo pa lang na meron ng baby parang gusto mo ng mag shopping. hehe kaya lang di pa lumaki ang tiyan ko so saka na lang pag lumubo na. haha

Lara said...

Hi mitch, congratulations! I'm happy to hear your preggy. Take care always para healthy si baby. I hope ako pud puhon but still trying.

Michelle said...

Thanks Lar! Just keep on trying girl, who knows next month you'll be preggy. :)