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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I found a Filipino Restaurant!

I was surfing the internet yesterday about Filipino Restaurants here in Tampa Bay and to my surprise there's one close by. Hubby and I went to the Filipino restaurant instead of going to a seafood restaurant because I was craving for Filipino foods. At last, I can go to a Filipino Restaurant and eat what I crave. There were other Filipinas chit chatting in Tagalog when we enter the place and I was disappointed because there's not much food in there. I thought they have Goldilocks bread and pastries, fish and vegetables but they only have bihon, pork and chicken caldereta, pork and chicken adobo, blood pudding (dinuguan) and rice. And because I was hungry already, I ordered rice, adobo and caldereta. I was disappointed with the taste too. The caldereta is oily, the adobo is sour and there's more bones than meat. I don't know if I want to go back there. Maybe I'll give it a chance again but if I don't like what they got then I'll go to Tampa to get what I want. That's my goal here to eat a Filipino dish and eat fresh fish again. Hubby said it's one of our priority. :)


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

lamia oi

Mummy SHENG said...

Enjoy the last week of the month!

Lynn said...

That's what most Filipinos who live there in the US miss the most jud -- Filipino dishes. Hope you'll be lucky next time to find a Filipino resto who prepares delicious food unlike this one that you've just visited.

Take care Mich!

Ilocana said...

Hi Michelle, kailan balik nyo? Hu,hu, miss ka na namin, charing^_^
Hey, attend uli tayo sa PAAA party.
Oki doc, enjoy your vacation and ingat. Heard about the storm there hope you're fine.

Michelle said...

mica: lami jus siguro unta ni pero isda akong gipangita. hehe

mummy sheng: thanks! you too. :)

lynn: tinuod jud na. gimingaw nako ug buwad nukos, maayo gani kay naay buwad nukos sa filipino store diri. :)

Michelle said...

ilocana: sa wednesday flight namin. we're hoping that we can go back there on time. yeah, hubby and i will go to the PAAA party basta andun kayo. :)