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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rosie's 2nd Birthday!

Today is the 2nd birthday of Ilocana's daughter Rosalinda. I thought hubby and I were late but we're not. We waited for the rest of the Fil-Am couples to arrive and while waiting for the rest of the group hubby went to Walgreens for a quick shopping for my supplements. He arrived just in time when it's time to eat but hubby didn't eat because he's afraid that he might get sick. He decided to wait til later when it's almost time for us to go so if ever he gets sick then he can take a rest at home. He was sick before we went to Ilocana's house but I told him to take Advil for his stomach ache. Good thing that he was feeling okay while we're there. We had fun and enjoyed the food and of course before going home, we bring some left overs. We drop by at another friend's house who went home early because the daughter had a tantrum at the party and Ilocana forgot to give them their kids toys. We added some left over in the plastic bag for my friend as her snacks if she gets hungry. hehe That's what Filipinos do here. I was sort of used to it now that if somebody forget to bring something, we'll drop the food to their house and if they're not there then we just leave the food beside the front door and call them later that there's food outside. haha Funny but I think it's cute too. My friend's husband said that Filipinos are weird coz we look out for each other. Well, we care for each other because we're far from our family and we know that we sometimes crave for our food. So if one can't go for a gathering then we just drop the food to our friend's house so our friend can eat what we eat even if she wasn't able to attend the little gathering. Isn't it nice? Here are some photos we took for today's event. ^_^

The birthday girl feeding herself. ^_^

Rosie and grandma.

Husbands at the table, excluding hubby coz he's beside me. :)

Me and my pinay friend. *_*


Lynn said...

It is indeed nice! At least, mag pagkakaisa ang mga pinay diha, Mich. Kay sa ubang state daw, pinay ra poy mudaut sa kapwa pinay. May experience man gud ako friend didto sa Maryland. :(

Michelle said...

Yeah, it's nice to see my Pinay friends during gatherings like this but of course you have to be careful coz you don't know that somebody is just observing and spreading around wrong infos, gossips and rumors afterwards. Mahirap na ang magkalisod-lisod. haha It happened to my friend Ilocana who is now a blogger. And we think we know who's responsible for spreading wrong rumors. Kasama pa namin sa ladies night out palagi kaya ngayon ingat-ingat na sa mga sabihin kasi di namin alam ang takbo ng utak ng suspect. charing! Baka gusto lang nyang may masabi sa iba kahit mali-mali naman. Naisip ko parang ginawa nyang entertainment ang gossips dahil baka yon lang ang kayang abutin ng utak nya. Alam mo na, small minds talk about people. Mabait din naman sya, mapagbigay. Ang problema lang nya ay yong mag spread ng kung ano-anong sinabi ng iba na di dapat sana ipagsabi lalo na kung kaibigan mo rin ang tinitira mo. Pero ewan, mag ingat na lang kami palagi. hehe Ang ginawa ko na lang sa mga kapwa Pinay na mag-iinvite sakin eh pupunta ako kung talagang pinipilit na ako kasi ayoko ring maging close sa mga tao na kung close ka na sa kanila, eh utos-utosan ka na lang na parang katulong. Hindi ko feel ang ganun. Naaawa ako sa kaibigan kong super bait na tini-treat nang ganyan. Kaya nga dalawa ang grupo ng mga Pinoy dito kasi maraming gustong leader. Mahirap pakisamahan yong iba pero masaya din naman. Magulo na nakaktuwa at nakakainis minsan. :)

Liza said...

that's one pinoy trait i'm sure they envy the most, walang katapat yan ;)

happy belated to the pretty princess!


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

was here..enjoy your sunday

jenn_US said...

thats great that u have lots of pinay friends in ur area. btw mich, were are u in the US?

WeblogLearner said...

You are a bunch of friends around there pala. I think it is like here too. In fact today in the church i saw groups of fellow kababayan in groups right after the mass. I was not able to chika with any though because i needed to meet another fellow Pinay in the church's cafe...

how many are you there ba as a group, Mich?

Tey said...

Happy birthday to little Rose, What a cute little girl..

Hi Michele I got a tag for you, Hope you can join the fun

Michelle said...

webloglearner: yeah, i found some at the church too but we just say hi and hello. we are 5 pinay ladies who like to eat chinese buffet and we celebrate Friday night as our ladies night out. But in the Filipino group we're I think more than 50 members and there's another Filipino group which is bigger coz I think they have more than 100 members. I was a member of the two groups before but I now concentrate on the smaller group. :)

tey: thanks for the tag girl! :)

Lynn said...

Those kind of people is everywhere, Mich. They are those types na di makumpleto ang araw if walang masabing masama sa kapwa. I've encountered a lot of those kind of species na. I'm just wondering at times what they just can't mind their own business. Taray ba? Hehe.

Michelle said...

yeah, i don't understand why there are people who prefer to mind other peoples business and destroying friendships. haaay ewan, inisip ko na lang na dahil wala silang pinag-aralan kaya ganun sila mag-isip. :)

Ilocana said...

Yan!!!Saludo po ako sa comment mo about our"suspect", he,he. And yeah, we need to be careful when she's around. I really don't like her whenever she spreads wrong stories or ideas but she's been a friend for a long time so I can't really hate or be angry at her. Just try to look or see her best qualities as a friend. Di naman tayo perfect kaya careful na lang everytime nandyan sya.

Thanks pala for featuring Rosie's birthday party here. Di ko pa maharap mag-blog longer at dami kong gagawin, mostly are chores which I'm too lazy to do. Huh, buhay maybahay nakakainis minsan !! Anyway, take good care of that "tiny" life growing inside you. Having a baby is a blessing and I believe it is the true essence of being a woman..Naks, Miss Universe pageant's Q & A ha,ha.

Michelle said...

Thanks and you're welcome! :) Pwede na sasali ng Miss U. haha