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Monday, August 25, 2008

Seafoods Mission... Accomplished!

Since Saturday and Sunday were the only days that hubby and I can spend our little vacation, we tried our best to do the things we wanted to do. But of course, my seafoods mission comes first. :)

I cooked this fresh tuna fish for my fish stew last Saturday for lunch and I craved this for weeks. Now I'm satisfied after eating this. ^_^

We went to Sea Critters restaurant after hubby and I saw that the parking lot of this restaurant is full. We thought, maybe Sea Critters is good. I had a chargrilled grouper which was the fresh catch of the day and I can tell by looking and eating the meat that it's really fresh. I like it but it's too spicy and salty for me. I was digging the meat in the middle coz I don't want to have an acid reflux after. Spicy foods made me sick lately.

I was dying to visit this restaurant here in St. Pete. I saw this restaurant at food network because the host of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" came to visit this place just to try how good their smoked fish is. The locals and tourists were interviewed of what they think of the smoked fish they had and all of them said that it's the best fish that they put in their mouth. Sounds good isn't it?
So yesterday afternoon after church, hubby and I visit the famous smoked fish in town and I ordered mackerel but it's not available. I asked what mullet fish is coz I'm not familiar with the name and the waitress said that it's a fish with bones in it and a little oily. I imagined the milkfish when I heard bones and oily so I ordered the mullet. It didn't taste like milkfish but I can tell that the fish is really fresh. I was wondering of what fish in the Philippines that has the same taste to it coz the taste is so familiar to me. When I start eating in the middle part, I saw the oily thing which reminds me of the milkfish.

And this was my dinner last night. Mussels! They're still alive when I cooked them. haha

And this is my dinner today. Broiled Lobster Maine tail with veggies and dipping sauce (with the candle heating the sweet buttery sauce).

I think I don't need anymore seafoods this week. I had enough... more than enough that I don't even want to smell and see them again.


FRANCINE said...

oi gwapa pagkalami ba aning mga foods nimo diri.gigutom na hinuon ko

Michelle said...

haha nah napura jud ko sa seafoods diri. tilaw2 ra unta ako kay di ko pwede ug busog kaayo kay mao daw na cause nga mag vomit ang buntis. pirmi tawn ko kadala sa akong salin kay what is, mahal raba. pero malabay tali nako ang mga salin kung di kaonon sa akong bana kay giluod nako nagtan-aw, di nako ganahan sa baho. haha

Pinay WAHM said...

Grabe at naglaway ako talaga sa pictures pa lang. I like the tahong and the lobster.

Salamat sa hop Michelle....


Michelle said...

haha ganyan din ako dati, ini-imagine ko ang seafoods which made me drooling. ngayon ok na ako, di na ako mag day dreaming ng seafoods dahil nakain ko na ang gusto ko. :)

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

kalami sa imong gikaon sis oi..ibog ko

Michelle said...

hehe lami jud, labina ug naay kauban nga mahilig sad ug seafoods nya apilan ug chika2. :)

WeblogLearner said...

Yum yum..Nakakatakam. Ang sara nyang sabaw... I missed it so much. I never ate one since I left the Philippines. Iba ksi yung luo na dito... i am salivating with that image...

Oh BTW Mich, may I ask what is your opinion about my latest post? Just leave a note in the comment section and i will be back here. ^^

Lynn said...

Haaay...sige jud ka palaway Mich ba. I love seafood. As in! Mingaw na ko tahong. I'm craving for it now tuloy.

Oist, i love your top too. Nice!

Michelle said...

palaway ko kay tagsa ra raba ni. kausa ra sa usa ka tuig ni mahitabo. haha maayo lang kung maka bakasyon na sad next year bisan naa na gamatuting. :)

amiable amy said... yummy...i miss that fish stew...i add ur blog to my bloglist...i like ur, interesting and im sure gwapa imo baby...congrats daan gwapa