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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swimming and Boating...

Hubby and I were invited today. His boss normally host a party once a year during summer and invite co-workers to go to their lake house. It was an hour drive from where we are but it's worth going coz I like water. We were late when we arrive and there's not much people in there. We had a little snack then went swimming with other couples there. Here are the photos. :)

I love the sunset. I enjoyed watching the lake houses, condos and the beauty of nature.


WeblogLearner said...

Wow! It seems a very good place to hang around. It is so refreshing. Is it still hot in there? Here leaves are starting to fall down na..malamig pa din, summer or winter or whatever season..kakainggit jan sa inyo, Mich.

jenn_US said...

sunsets can be pretty romantic. nice photos mich. good for u coz u know how to swim, hehe.

Lynn said...

Is that a yacht, Mich? Nice! Missed swimming too. Pero kanang wala lay sun kay hadlok ko ma sunburn. Harhar!

Enjoy the week ahead and take extra care always!

Cecile n' Matt said...

very nice place i see :-)

Michelle said...

webloglearner: yeah, it's a very nice place and it's still hot here. summer na summer pa rin. -_^

jenn: i agree. i enjoy the water coz i know how to swim. it's nice, di lang maalat ang tubig. hehe

lynn: i think it's just a speed boat. but i don't know the difference between the two. haha it's okay to go swimming even if Mr. Sun is around as long as you have the right sun block lotion then you'll be fine. my OB's practitioner told me that the skin of a pregnant woman is very sensitive to the sun. but i can still have fun at the beach or the pool as long as i have the right sun block lotion to protect my skin. and that's what I did when hubby and I went to the beach in Florida and at the Lake. :)

cecille n matt: yes it is. :)

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

It's labor day!