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Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're back in Alabama with a big challenge!

Whew! Time flies so fast when you're having fun. We arrive in Alabama safe and sound. It was a hassle though on my part and hubby because my mother-in-law travels with us and she's very dependent on me and hubby. It would be nice if there's another person with us who can watch our luggages or do something for my mother-in-law if she needs help. But because it's just me and hubby to do all things that needs to be done, I did something that I shouldn't be doing. I helped my mother-in-law lift her body when she's going inside the van getting ready to go to the airport because hubby was getting her medicines at the assisted living. Though the practitioner warned me not to lift 20 lbs or more but I have no choice. I have to help lift my mother-in-law, drag heavy luggages while hubby was parking the car, lift the heavy luggage to weigh for check-in, run around at the airport trying to catch up the skycap guy who's pushing my mother-in-law in the wheelchair and more. Hubby said "Oh, no!" when I told him what I did because we're running out of time and we need to catch our flight. We're all dead tired from the travel but hubby and I have other things to do for my mother-in-law. After leaving the assisted living at 9:00 PM, I decided to shop for my mother-in-laws clothes. She complain that she doesn't have new clothes and shoes and she wants all new stuff in her closet. I guess I have to shop for her instead of shopping for myself and the soon little one. This will be another challenge for me and I'm afraid that she'll become very dependent if I'm around. She already said that I know better than hubby and she wants me to help her not hubby if we go out. She shouldn't be putting her weight on me but I can see that it's going to happen. I hope the practitioner won't scold me for what I did. Hubby and I talked about this last night and we're hoping that mom will cooperate with the Doctor, Nurse and the Physical Therapist.


Pinay WAHM said...

Oh no...naku you have to be careful. Hard as it. Is you Mom-in-law with you in Alabama for good or is she there for vacation only?

Take it easy Mommy to be...



Michelle said...

My mother-in-law is here for good. We decided to bring her here close to us so if something happen to her then we don't need to fly to Florida anymore. Yeah, I should be careful and we're hoping that it won't happen again. Hmm We'll see.

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

that's good chelle that you take care of her...that's what my hubby and I thinking for his parents when they are old.

Lynn said...

Take extra care, Mich! First trimester is the most "crucial" stage of pregnancy. Hinay hinay lang. (",)

Pinay WAHM said... you'll have MIL with you na pala. Best of luck....hehehe. Wala akong MIL to get to know...I do have a step-MIL but my husband is not very close with her and she lives out of state din. We only get to see her once in a while. Kaya nga walang lola at lolo itong anak namin except the Step-MIL and her parents...hindi blood relatives but it's ok they love her kahit hindi nila kadugo.

Hopefully magkasundo kayo.

Mommy J

Michelle said...

mica: yeah, assisted living facility is the best place for my MIL coz she really needs assistance. it's expensive but it's good for her, hubby and me. :)

lynn: lagi, napugos jud ko ug alsa sa mga butang kay waman lain motabang. maayo lang unta kung dako na akong tiyan kay masabtan tali nga bawal ko mag-alsa2. samot na pag-uli namo diri kay kuyog na akong MIL. Lisod kay mora kog nag-atiman ug bata. Ok lang unta kung di ko buntis pero wa sad ko choice kay mabiyaan man jud ko sa akong bana usahay kung naa sad sya lain asikasuhon. Maluoy lang sad ko sa akong bana kay duha mi iyang tabanganan. Kafait! :)

Pinaywahm: I see. Okay naman kami ng MIL ko kaya lang if I'm around maging dependent sya sa akin. I'm now trying not to help her with the little things if possible so she can have a little exercise. Ayaw kasi nyang mag exercise, gusto nyang nakaupo palagi at ayaw nyang mag walk. We're trying to give the best assistance and help that my MIL needs but if she doesn't want to cooperate, wala na kaming magawa dun.

Lynn said...

Na...fait jud! Lol.

Michelle said...

lagi. :)