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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I felt sorry for my baby...

I cried today for the first time in my pregnancy because I wanted to gain weight so badly and the only thing I can think of that I'll gain weight is to eat more. I tried eating more this morning after hubby left for work but after a few minutes I throw up all the food I ate. I felt so sorry for my baby. How I wish I can eat all the foods that my baby needs but it's too difficult for me to do that coz I can only eat a little bit. I just hope that my baby is doing okay eventhough I didn't eat enough food today. I wasn't feeling hungry after throwing up so when I feel better, I drink the high protein drink and ate kiwi fruit so at least my baby can get some protein and Vit. C. I'm not going to force myself to eat more again. My OB is right, once I throw up I don't want to eat again so I should stick to the small meals and snacks that my OB told me. The OBGYN at the Doctors TV show said that the normal weight a pregnant woman should gain is 0.5 lb to 1 lb a week. So my goal now is to gain that 0.5 lb at least if it's too hard to reach the 1 lb a week. The gaining of weight thing really worries me which sometimes made me awake at night thinking how I can gain weight. I really need a miracle on this weight gain thing.


Lynn said...

Mitch, did your ob tell u that u should really gain weight? I never gained weight myself until i was about 7mos pregnant but i was ok then. And i didn't gain much, di akong tumaba talaga, parang nagkalaman lang.

Some people who gained weight would even tell me, "buti ka pa". (",)

Yaan mo, you'll gain weight din in a few months. Don't force yourself to eat more, kaw rin mahihirapan. Sama pa naman ng feeling after you vomit, diba? Di lang masama sa panlasa, masakit rin sa tiyan.

Niwey, here to grab my award. Salamat dito. Mwah!

Ingat, Sis!

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

eat little piece at all time...

Nancy said...

you can take it easy chelle. thigs will get better for you in few months time. stay safe!

Ilocana said...

Hay naku Michelle, kung puede nga lang kami na ang kakain para sayo eh ginawa na namin. Kaso di puede eh lol!! But don't worry, perhaps your eating habit will change in the next few weeks.. Remember, your emotions also affects your baby.. So try to be happy and not worry too much Okay?! TC. ^_^

Michelle said...

lynn: actually it was the practitioner who told me that i should gain weight 1 lb a week and she told me before also that they want to see me gain weight coz im so tiny. hubby told me not to worry about it if i don't gain any weight yet coz he doesn't want me to be sick. but the practitioner told me that i should eat something even if i don't feel hungry but im not used to that. it's so sad to know that you tried but it didn't work. it's true, i had stomach ache a few hours after a throw up which made me stop eating for my dinner. im glad that you tell me your experience. sus, okay lang naman pala kung di mag gain weight agad. pinahirapan ko lang sarili ko. from now on, ikaw ang gawin kong model para di na ako mag worry. hehe

mica: i like to eat if im hungry and sometimes i eat more than the recommended small meals but im fine though even if i eat more than a small portion. i think i'll just follow my stomach. :)

nancy: thanks nancy! im hoping also that everything will be fine. :)

Ilocana: Sana nga pwedeng manghiram ng extra lb. para di na ako mag worry. Inisip ko rin kasi na baka pagalitan ako pag di pa rin ako nag gain weight sa next visit. Basta i tried my best na. I'll try not to worry about it naman. :)

twinks said...

Chelle, I was like that during my first trimester with my lil girl, I would throw up any food I put in my mouth, I really did lose weight and I was worried. But started gaining weight in the 5th month na. Don't worry, just keep taking your vitamins and eat small amount. Have a great day :]

Michelle said...

twinks: thanks sis for sharing your experience with me. at least i know that im not alone and what i've been experiencing now is just normal to other preggy moms like me. thanks again. :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Ditto sa lahat ng sinabi nung iba about not gaining much [if at all during the first trimester]. The so-called 'morning sickness' [more like all day sickness to some] can really make you lose weight. Just try to eat as much but don't force yourself.

Hopefully, this will only last during first trimester..wawa ka naman.

Stay happy...remember feel ng baby mo whatever emotion you go I was told anyway.


Michelle said...

Thanks mommy J! Yon nga, I received unwanted advice din that worries me more. Iba-iba kasi experience ng mga moms and they want me to do what they did when they were pregnant. Oh well, at least now I know that other Pinays here who didn't gain so much weight gave birth so easily which made their Doctors happy and their kids are all healthy. Hearing good results of those who had weight problems made me feel better. :)