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Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucky Me!

After I finished visiting those who dropped ec on my blog yesterday, I decided to check 3P if there are good offers for me. And guess what? I got 8 offers available for me (lucky me pancit canton! haha) but I only took one. Why? Because I was looking for a good one that I can relate to which also have a good pay out. It was automatically approved but I hope and wish that I perfectly made it right coz sometimes the rules made me confused. In the past I received a few emails that I need to fix something but sometimes I forgot to do. Too bad! Well, good luck to me. ^_^


Pangit said...

Sis, how are you na? Lucky mi pancit canton jud, hehe!

Added you in my other blog na pala. Thank you din for adding it to yours..


Lynn said...

Good for u, Mitch. Ako unlucky yday eh because of my i-connection. As in grrr talaga. Hehe.

musta na ang mom-to-be?