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Friday, October 31, 2008

Our little one at 18 weeks and 3 days

Yesterday's visit was good. I gained 4 lbs for the first time but not sure if I can keep up with it coz I drink lots of water yesterday as requirement for my ultrasound and haven't pooped yet. The woman doing my ultrasound said that it looks like a girl but we heard rumors that ultrasound is not 100% sure and some babies came out the opposite of what the ultrasound result was. A friend of mine and my dermatologist said that I'm having a girl and another friend said maybe it's a boy. We'll see but for now I assume that it's a girl. I'm just thankful that the baby's body is complete. We saw the little feet, hands, head, heart, mouth and the baby was smiling yesterday. It's really amazing to see the baby moving. I guess she enjoyed that we're watching her but of course I was talking to the baby the day before my appointment that mommy and daddy wants to see her so she should move and impress daddy coz daddy will take some hours off just to see her. I'm not sure if the baby really understand what I said but we saw her right hand with the little five fingers opened as if she's trying to show us how little her fingers are and she's moving around not just hiding in one corner which she normally do in the morning. It’s been two weeks now that the baby moves every single day though others think that it's too early for me to feel the baby moving coz I'm a first time mom. I think my baby is an exception to that. Its fun feeling the baby moving coz it tickles though sometimes it's a little painful. It feels like the baby is stretching inside, pushing my tummy, kicking, knocking, rolling, pinching, pulling something inside and hiding in one corner.

Here she is yesterday showing mommy and daddy that she can raise her little feet so early...


WeblogLearner said...

Wow Mitch! Super clear ng raising feet! Baka magiging gmnast yan.. ^^

"It feels like the baby is stretching inside, pushing my tummy, kicking, knocking, rolling, pinching, pulling something inside and hiding in one corner.".. You make me afraid! ahahah!

Lynn said...

Wow! That's soo cute. I remembered my ultrasound with Yogi all of a sudden but my tummy was already 7 mos then and the gender is visible na talaga.

Are u thinking of a name na for her, Sis? For sure super excited na kayo. Ganyan din kami eh.


Michelle said...

webloglearner: you shouldn't be afraid coz that's part of having a baby. i was so excited to feel the baby move when the baby didn't move yet and now that she's moving everyday, i felt like there's really a baby inside. it's actually a nice feeling that the baby starts moving. so don't be afraid. :)

lynn: yeah we're thinking of a name na but still looking for the right one. :)

Jane said...

Congrats! And may you have a healthy baby.

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

wow..i see the baby na

Anonymous said...

maka remember man sad ta ana Michelle oi sa buntis pako ...naa sad ko picture sa akong baby...cute ayo baby noh..ang ilong ning labaw gyud.