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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Alphabet Tag

Here's another tag asking more facts about me. Thanks to Lynn and Ilocana for passing this to me. I really appreciate the thought. ^_-

A. Attached or single? --- Attached
B. Best friend? --- My college bestfriend, my cousin and most of all... hubby.
C. Cake or pie? --- I'm not really into cake or pie but I found a cake that I love... the chocolate stampede of Long horn restaurant and a triple chocolate pie of Village Inn restaurant in Florida.
D. Day of choice? --- Saturday and Sunday... coz it's relaxing day or going out with hubby. ^_^
E. Essential item? --- Laptop.
F. Favorite color? --- Pink and white.
G. Gummy bears or worms? --- Ngek! Don't like them.
H. Hometown? --- Philippines!
I. Favorite indulgence? --- Chinese foods especially the buffet!
J. January or July? --- January because of the New Year. :)
K. Kids? --- Soon! *_*
L. Life isn’t complete without? --- God, hubby and our baby.
M. Marriage date? --- October 28th (",)
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: --- 3.
O. Oranges or apples? --- Fuji apple.
P. Phobias? --- Cockroach! Ewwww!
Q. Quotes? --- "Live for today but save for your future"
R. Reasons to smile? --- Hubby and my little baby.
S. Season of choice? --- Christmas!!!
T. Tag 5 people? I am tagging Butchay, Princess, Laradee, Simplymama and Pinaywahm.
U. Unknown fact about me? --- I'm shy too Lynn! hehe
V. Vegetable? --- Sweet corn.
W. Worst habit? --- Nothing. :)
X. X-ray or ultrasound? --- None of them.
Y. Your favorite foods? --- Fried chicken, fish stew, pork BBQ (Philippine style), Steak, Pizza, Sbarro's baked ziti and garlic bread.
Z. Zodiac sign? --- Scorpio

1 comment:

Lynn said...

oi, pareho diay ta shy, mitch. apir! hahaha.

salamat sa paghimo ani, sis. i actually have an award for u too. just check it out at my sweet temptatioin.

enjoy your weekend and take extra care. mwah!